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Part 1 - Dance creation In Progress
By Avital Eden

a drive that never happened.jpeg
A trip taken on the map not in reality but is in my history of google map travel.jpeg


At the time I am writing this- I have never  been to Sao Paulo Brazil. I attache here a screen shot from my personal google map user. In this picture you can see as if I have driven,  through the ocean to Sao Paulo and back on the 6 of March 2020. The days were the beginning of Covid lockdown when my phone started to alert me of these daily trips I supposable did. Going abroad was elleagle and leaving the house was under strict rules.


Amused by the idea  as if I travelled, I checked the details of the destination: google map has given me a specific adress supposably I have visited: Residencial Sofistic. I checked the web about  this place and was blown away by the area- Vila Madalena, with Beco Batman Alley and it's graffiti walls and street art. I felt a location that was not a destination for me to visit, that I did not know existed- is a part of myself. That is when and how Destination\Location idea was born.

discovering Vila Madalena through the location.jpeg
Avital Eden Tenerife 2021_edited.jpg


I use graffiti in my dance language. I created movement as if my body is painting graffiti on walls. The meeting point for me of graffiti and dance is they are meant to exist in the present moment. Movement, as it is danced it joins the past, it can be reconstructed - but the movement itself once it is danced it is already gone from the world. Graffiti, meant to be sprayed on a wall - to be erased. An important part of graffiti is it"s 

saying and the personal signature of the graffiti creator. For me, this is the essence of my dance art through the years. That is why, I felt  google map mistakenly led me to a piece of my soul that I haven't known that existed as a neighborhood to live in Sao Paulo. I found out, right around the corner from Vila Madalena, are Jewish religiouse communities with the same way of life I live and it is a city of culture and art. I asked my grandmother about Brazil and does she have a memory as a child of any talk about Brazil, she is 93, living in Israel since she survived the  holocaust, her answer was: of course, it was known that Brazil had good life for the Jews. 


This is me. And my six children. And my daughter in law. And my baby grandaughter. So. Hopping on a plane to walk in Beco Batman and be influenced by its art and essence, is not within reach, but, the discovery has awakened an inside journey in me.. Theese are my insights and  further questions for my creation:


What is the creation about?

Questions for the creation process:

Interesting fact: for everything that lives, comes a time that the body does not have a life in it. We can still see the body on earth without life in it.

This, makes me feel and think that the journey itself - is the essence of life.

Traveling from - to is what we do daily:

Physically: from place to place.

Emotional: from feeling to feeling.

Mentaly: from knowledge to knowledge.


Understanding my physical \mental \emotional location is necessary. Knowing were I am.

Choosing a destination has to do with what I want.

What if the joureny itself is the destination? Besides the outcome of arriving to a targeted location?


The body has a one way ticket to the world. It is destined to stay on earth.

I think, the journey within, can stay forever through art and legacy we create.


Location VS destination, allows me to see my here and now, self-examination, what I contain, what I am composed of. Then, I can think about what I need from my location and what destination I need or want to reach.

The timeline of my life doesn't just move forward. But past being, future dreams, influence my today.

What is the influence of location on dancing and creation?
What is the influence of destination on creation ? 

Do we choose location or does it chooses us? 

Sometimes a location and destination happens accidentally, sometimes on purpose, but it always comes to teach us something about ourselves. A google map mistake, led me to establish a new creation. What will be the outcome when I actually take the physical journey to the city of Sao Paulo and walk through the streets of Vila Madalena and meet its art?


a drive that never happened.jpeg


Part 2 - To be created

At last, I will be landing in Sao Paulo on the 10th of January 2024.
The journey of destenation\ location is on it's way to find how it will apear as a dance creation. Through influence of graffiti and street culture, by following with my dancing body some of the drawing lines, and getting inspiration how to turn the essence of this creation to a preformance that will make an impact for audience worldwide.

From the sources of my Judaism
דע מאין באת, ולאן אתה הולך, ולפני מי אתה עתיד ליתן דין וחשבון
               משנה אבות ג א
Know where you came from, and where you are going, and to whom you will be accountable.
I have been raised by this study. Since I have started working on this creation I felt connection to this saying. I will research this connection and its outcome.

Part 3 - War happens.
My trip is cancelled.


Siren alart in my home as bobms from Gaz

Terror accompanies  life in Israel almost daily. The attack this time changed life as we knew it. We all knew some one that got hurt, we were all under attack. Help was needed from each one of us. I canceled my journey and decided that in the time war gave me [besides helping and taking care of my family] to find within my location, physical and emotional, how does this phase of life influence desinatiom\location creation.

My thoughts are:
The massacre at the Nova party, in private homes, and of soldiers who did not start the war at all, showed me a reality in which many lives were suddenly in the worst brutall way stopped---
The bombings towards our house that I experienced with my children at home interrupted a normal sequence of life and evoked fear and a real sense of threat to my life and the lives of my children made me have to deal with existential stress and fear.
The content of this dance work became essential to my daily life.
When I saw so many lives stopped not according to nature, it brought me to the depth of the here and now as the journey of life itself: the meaning of the word I say and the act I am behaving now are a kind of destination in itself.
In connection with the graffiti that expresses the here and now present. 
In connection with the graffiti that expresses the here and now present What do I want to present? What do I want to spray on a wall for everyone to see? What does my signature look like? And the graffiti is also more blatant and is out in the street exposed for everyone to see.

I will research for this connection stage wise.

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