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Avital Eden hands, photographed by Tal Mazig.jpg

I create to reveal pieces of myself.
                                                         Avital Eden


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Avital Eden, dancer, choreographer,performer, dance teacher, creator, and entrepreneur in the field of dance based in Israel.
Avital is a proud mother to six amazing talented children.

Born in 1978, in Jerusalem to an orthodox Jewish family. As a child she grew up in  New York as her parents contributed to the Jewish community there. Life in the USA exposed her to the art world and dance. Her podcast When dance called my name tells that story. Studying for her first degree in Cinema and education brought her to expand her artistic horizons and finally to expand her religious boundaries and start dancing professionally as her love to dance grew. She added Aerial dance to her skills and founded Avital Eden Dance school for girls and woman only. Her solo Pieces of Space tells her unique way of staying religious, performing, and creating in the dance field.

Her M.Dance research was of Urban Dance - evolving from the street to the professional stage.

Avital developed a method "I Gathered Here", of dancing according to an illustration witch she put together with an original soundtrack with her voice guiding from scratch to dance. She teaches her dance method worldwide.

I Gathered Here, is also a solo dance and preformance plan, she created using this method. A part of this dance solo participated in Echo a screen dance film by Guerilla Girls, screened worldwide. She is currently performing with this Solo with various collaborations. It blurs the boundries between preformance and audience and has a unique and different outcome in each preformance and collabroation. 

Avital is an entrepreneur in the field dance, to promote woman dancing by religiose guidelines to have international opportunities. A member of Kamfi artists Jerusalem.

Avital Eden hands photographed by Tal Mazig .jpg
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